Low cost webdesign services

  Let us help you with your webdesign and branding of your company site. Via our offices in India and Brazil we can provide you with professional web design at low cost. All design is done by very skilled professionals. We can also provide you with content writers and ofcourse are all designs 100% search engine friendly. Click here to visit our Creative Ideas site.  

Phone billing

  Via our phone billing system you can bill visitors for any services that you provide on your website. Phone billing is very popular in europe and a very good alternative or substitute to creditcard billing. Why not provide your customers with both options to make sure that you also get the customers that don't have a creditcard. All of the mediacast videochat server software allready has a pay by phone billing plugin that allows you to start billing right after installation. Pay123 phone billing  

Credit Card Charges

  For questions regarding creditcard charges from Mediacast B.V. please visit our contact page. Click here for contact information